Blu Cigs Review

Blu Cigs – The Brand You Will Likely Have Seen Everywhere

Yes.. We have all seen Blu E Cigs, on billboards, on TV Adverts, in over 100,000 stockists across the nation! They have even hit the UK with huge marketing campaigns.

Yep, they are without doubt the biggest brand out there and it’s not surprising considering they have the clout of Big Tobacco firm Lorillard behind them.

A tobacco company selling e cigarettes may not sit well with some people but this is a review of the Blu Cig product and that’s just what I’ll do.Blu E Cig Review

In The Box

I purchased the Blu Rechargeable Kit, which arrived in good time and all looked very professional:

  • 2 batteries
  • 5 cartomizers
  • 1 Slim Portable charging case (PCC)
  • Car Charger
  • USB Chargerblu e cig packages

Battery Build & Performance

The batteries are a sleek black affair that feel nice to the touch with the recognizable Blu branding at the top almost pointing to the blue glowing light that appears at the tip when taking a drag.

One of the first things I noticed about these was that they are quite light weight, not cigarette lightweight, but I could hang one of these out of my mouth with no problems. Although they haven’t gone for the cigarette look they are nearer to their size than some competing brands. With the cartomizer attached they are just short of an inch longer than a cigarette.blu e cig battery

This does however create certain issues, the smaller the battery, the shorter the life. The Blu Cigs battery has a 145 mAh rating, I was getting around 1.5/2 hours vaping time.

One thing I will always recommend with an e cig starter kit is a minimum of two batteries of which this kit comes with. Even with Blu having a PCC I still think this is essential. The reason I say this is so you can rotate the batteries, have one on charge whilst using the other. If timed properly you should never go without a charged electronic cigarette which I’m sure you will agree is very important!

As far as performance goes, apart from the battery life, everything reacts and works well. When you need to replace the batteries they will set you back $7.95 which isn’t too bad.

Talking of the Portable Charging Case (PCC)

The Blu PCC I bought was a slick looking black case finished in a smooth feel rubberized material. I love the look and feel of this case, it fits so easily into my jean pocket without looking like I’m carrying a small brick around. The case holds three spare cartomizer refills, one full e cig (cart and battery) and of course one battery on charge.blu cig pcc

The PCC will allow for 4/5 full charges of a battery which for me is just about right when I am out of the house for the day.

blu pcc case
You need to remember to keep the case charged, I know, I’m stating the obvious! But believe me there is no bigger disappointment when you are away from a direct power source than the pack and batteries running out of charge! I’ve done this myself.

Overall Feelings


  • Battery has a good quality finish
  • Replacement batteries are a decent price
  • Comes with PCC that again feels quality and has nice slim design


  • Battery life is poor
  • Visit Blu Cigs Here
  • Flavor and Vapor

Blu Flavor / Vapor

The Blu Cigs Rechargeable starter kit comes in three different flavor options. You can buy the e cig kit with Classic Tobacco, Magnificent menthol or a variety pack of flavors which includes Vanilla, Cherry, Menthol and Classic Tobacco.v6_cherry_tanks

I went for the menthol (that’s my thing at the moment) which as the say is between 13 and 16mg nicotine strength. Not very accurate but this provided me with a pretty good throat hit without being too harsh.

The flavor itself was just OK, not a patch on the V2 Cigs menthol but still a very easy vape.

If I hadn’t tried the previous two brands then I would have been very happy with this.blu tank construction

When it came to the vapor, well, it was quite underwhelming. Yeah there is a little cloud there but again, not a patch on some rival e cigarette brands. One thing I look for in an e cig is nice, thick vapor volume so this was disappointing for me.
Refill options and prices

The flavors are limited, there are 6 flavors (Cherry, Vanilla, Java, Tobacco, Peach Schnapps and Pina Coloda) each of which are available in ‘nicotine free’, low (6-8mg), medium (9-12mg) and high (13-16mg). Price wise they are $12.80 for a pack of 5 cartridges, $11 for 2 packs and $10 if you buy 5 packs or more in one checkout.

Not bad prices but not the best.

Overall Feelings


  • Menthol flavor is OK, not as good as some other brands but not bad enough to put in the ‘bad’ column
  • Nicotine strengths to suit all smokers


  • Flavor options limited
  • Vapor production is average
  • Prices could be a touch lower


Blu E Cigs are obviously pretty confident about their products, their limited warranty covers a one year period (subject to terms). As for a money back return policy.

A for their returns policy, I must be missing something as I can’t find specific details on this as of yet. I’ll find out though and report back!

Contacting Blu Cigs

They can be contacted by Toll-Free number: 1-888-207-4588. Live chat on the website, email and they are active on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Blu Cigs Coupon Code

I haven’t come across a voucher or coupon for Blu Cigs apart from one that allows for free shipping over $100. Better than nothing I suppose! Click the link at the bottom to visit Blu.

My Final Thoughts

I was looking forward to trying Blu e Cigs and while it is a quality product and feels good in the hand it kinda left me feeling a little underwhelmed.


  • The actual e cigarette feels quality and is a pleasure to hold.
  • The slimline PCC is also a great addition and is nicely finished
  • Starter kit price is reasonable at $34.99

Not So Good:

  • Battery life
  • Flavor is just OK
  • Vapor volume poor compared to other e cigs on the market

Are there better e cigarettes out there? For my money there is in the form of V2 Cigs and who have an extensive product offering that offers that something more in terms of quality for vapers

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