South Beach Smoke Review

Taking a closer look at South Beach Smoke E Cigarette

If you have been looking at all the e cigarette review sites on the web then no doubt South Beach Smoke will be a brand you have noticed pop up again and again.

The company behind SBS also owns the highly successful Eversmoke e cigarette brand that you may also have seen.

Anyway…. Enough boring you with all that stuff. You are here to read a review of the South Beach e cig right? Let’s get straight to it.south beach smoke review

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In The Box

The South Beach Smoke Deluxe Kit includes:

  • 2 batteries (1 short – 1 long)
  • 10 cartomizer refills
  • USB & Wall chargersSouth Beach Smoke E Cig

How Does The South Beach Smoke Battery Perform?

I like that there are two different battery sizes included with the starter kit, it gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to cig-a-like e cigs. The small battery, known as the standard, has a 160 mAh capacity and measures in at around 2.5 inches. The longer battery, known as the high capacity, has a respectable 280 mAh battery and measures in at approximately 3.25 inches.battery and cartomiser sbs

Both batteries are designed to look like a cigarette and for me they do the job very well.

They feel great quality in the hand and I even quite like the Miami Beach art deco style branding on the side. The only thing that I think may put some off is the crystal tip at the end of the battery. I’m a girl (last time I checked) and i like it, it sparkles in the right light.crystal tip e cigarette

Is it feminine? No I don’t think so, (I’ve probably made it sound overly so) I wouldn’t judge a guy for vaping one of these 🙂 If anything I would be impressed that they have gotten of nasty cigarettes!

I digress….

When it comes to the life of the battery I was managing around 1-1.5 hours on the standard and approx 2.5-3 hours on the high capacity, both times were after charging and depleating the battery 4/5 times. This is coming from me being a moderate vaper as well.

So for me no surprises, pretty much all cig-a-like electronic cigarettes perform around this mark. Batteries this size are not bought for their stamina, they are built for their convenience.

This is where the two batteries come good allowing you to rotate your batteries (vaping/charging). The idea is not to get caught out with a dead battery. Personally, I would be safe and add another battery in the mix. No it’s not essential it just gives that little bit more piece of mind.

Remember batteries will loose their juice after time and need replacing, this is just the way of vaping. Cigarettes don’t last forever right? So factor this in as a cost when choosing any kit.

South Beach Smoke have a few options when it comes to buying replacement batteries.
The standard costs $17.95 and the high capacity $22.95. A touch on the expensive side on their own. They do however offer a discount if three batteries are purchased together, the price is then $49.99 making the high capacity come in at a more reasonable $16.66.

Overall Feelings


  • Battery quality is excellent
  • All feels very professional
  • 2 different Batteries included

Not so good

  • Battery life (this goes for most cig-a-likes)
  • No PCC to help with the above
  • Buy the batteries on their own and they work out quite expensive

Flavor and Vapor

On to my favorite part of e cigarettes, the flavors. South Beach Smoke include 2 packs of five refill cartomizers in this kit so a good starting point. Even better is that they give you the choice of flavors, of which by the way they have 16 on offer in cartomizer form!south beach smoke cartomisers

In addition to this they give you a choice of nicotine strengths – 0mg (No Nicotine), 6mg (Ulta Light), 12mg (light), 16mg (Full Flavored), and 24mg (bold).

The only downside I see is that they don’t include a variety pack at checkout.
So back to the flavors, I tried the Tobacco Gold, Classic, Menthol, Orange Mint, Franks Lemon & Lime, Peach, Grape and Vanilla.

The flavors if I’m honest were a mixed bag for my tastes (and keep in mind tastes do differ). The tobacco flavors were actually very good with the Gold being my favorite, a nice subtle tobacco. The Menthol was just OK but I have been spoiled by the Green Smoke version.

The stand out flavors from the rest were the Grape and Orange Mint, both of which were very easy to vape and gave a solid flavor.

The others, while the flavors were there, were just a little weak. There was no punch to them. It’s a shame as well because I could see Franks Lemon & Lime being a fantastic vape if it it was a bit more robust on the flavor side.

The e-liquids have a 70/30 split of PG/VG which helps provide plenty of clouds which their e-liquids do.

Something I did also try in addition to the cartridges was the mini tank. This is basically a clear tank that you refill yourself using bottled e-liquid that uses short wicks rather than saturating material in a cartomizer. It also allows you to easily see not only how much you are vaping but when you are running low.south beach smoke mini clearomizer

These performed very well, I really like the pen style e cigs with their tank systems but sometimes I find them too big and impractical. These offer a good middle ground and work really well.south beach with clearomiser

OK so wrapping up this section lets look at pricing for refills. South Beach Smoke cartridge refills only seem to be available in a minimum of three packs. The starting price here is $39.99 which is $13.33 per pack, that’s quite pricey.

The best price on the refills is $11.11 per pack of 5. To get this you will need to buy 9 packs at $99.99.

The mini tank is $14.99 for a pack of three, these can be filled 5+ times or when the taste goes funny. If you are filling with South Beach Smoke e-liquid then it will cost $14.99 for a 30ml bottle which is a competitive price.

One thing to mention with their e-liquid, they allow you to blend your own. What does this mean? Basically it means you can have any flavor on the planet! OK… I may be exaggerating there a little but according to SBS there are over 30,000 blends of flavors possible, WOW.

Overall Feelings


  • Tobacco flavors were good
  • Plenty of choice
  • I enjoyed the Grape and Orange Mint
  • Vapor volume good
  • Throat kick was good for my tastes, I vape 12mg Light.

Not So Good

  • Some flavors lacked body and felt kind of subdued
  • Cartridge prices on the higher side

Returns & Warranty

South Beach Smoke offer a 30 day money back guarantee. They will refund minus postage costs. Also if you have used on cartridge for instance I think they may deduct this as well. Although I’m not 100% sure on that. Either way it allows you to try with limited risk.
They have a limited lifetime warranty but it is only for those that are signed up to their ‘Home Delivery Program’.

Customer Service

They are available through a number of channels, email, Twitter, Facebook and by toll free number 1-877-408-2767.

South Beach Smoke Coupon Code

I have a South Beach Smoke coupon code that will get you 10% off your purchase. If you click on the link at the bottom of this page the voucher will be automatically applied at checkout.

My Final South Beach Smoke Review Verdict

There is no doubting South Beach Smoke is a great e cig for new users. To break it down here is what I thought


  • Quality is superb
  • Tobacco, Grape and Orange Mint flavors were good
  • Vapor volume was very good
  • Their Home Delivery Program is great if you are buying regularly

Not so good

  • Prices quite high. They do get better with Home Delivery Program though
  • Some of the flavors lacked ooomph

So there we have it. South beach offer a solid e cig range. Is this going to take over our top rated e cigarette? Not for me, V2 Cigs still holds top spot for now.

Check out our V2 Cigs review here.

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