V2 Cigs Review

Is All The Hype Around V2 Cigs Justified?

V2 Cigs - V2 Pro - LOGOIt’s a question I asked myself. I see a lot of V2 Cigs reviews topping ratings charts all over the web, are they really that much better than other electronic cigarettes on the market?

One thing is for sure V2 Cigs are without doubt one of the biggest e cig brands in the USA. Let get straight the review and see if biggest means best.

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In The Box

In the V2 Standard Plus Kit that I have used you will find the following:

  • 2 Batteries
  • 10 Cartomizers
  • Portable Charging Case
  • USB Charger
  • Wall Charger

V2 Cig Starter Kit

Battery Performance and Looks

The customization options on the V2 Cigs product pages are some of the most in depth I have seen, they give you the opportunity to choose from 5 battery colors, 3 different sizes and between automatic and manual. This is for each battery as well, you can choose completely different options for each. Definitely a plus point here.V2 Cigs Review

I went for a white Manual and White automatic, Standard (79mm) 250 mAh and Long (110mm) 360 mAh. For those that want to get as near to cigarette sized as possible there is also a shorty battery (67mm) 160 mAh.

The actual batteries themselves have a smooth feel in the hand that I like, V2 have not gone for the faux rings or flecked cartomizers, their batteries are quite plain in comparison with a simple branding to the top.

I chose a manual battery mainly because I do have a slight preference for these over automatic. The difference between the two is simple. To activate the auto battery you simply take a drag on the e cig, this fires everything up. With the manual battery a button needs to be pressed to activate the battery.

Why do you prefer this?! I hear you ask..

Well, with the manual battery I get a better draw and more vapor first time around.

This is simply due to the fact that a second before taking a drag the button is already heating up the coil which in turn creates the vapor. So when I take that drag I get a nice warm thick, inhalation. Seriously, I don’t mind pushing a button either. It’s not that difficult 😉

So both batteries performed really well but the manual for me just adds that little something extra, top marks.

The other thing that I love about this kit is the portable charging case.

The PCC charges your e cig batteries when you are away from a static power source. When the case is fully charged it will in turn charge around 4 batteries. Unlike some other PCC’s I have come across, this one is a real looker. Available in three colors they all look great, I personally like the gloss white finish.V2 Cigs PCC

It feels super smooth on the outside and has a spring loaded lid that slides sideways to reveal your e cigs. It has easy to understand lights on the back showing charge levels of both the case and the battery connected. Simply press the button to get the read outs.V2 E Cigarette Case

The size of the case is just right, I can fit it easily into a coat pocket or even jeans pockets.

I can easily leave the house for a full day and know that I won’t be without an e cigarette due to my battery dying.

It’s a great bit of kit.

Lets talk replacement prices

The prices for replacements batteries are as follows:

  • Short – $14.95
  • Standard – $19.95
  • Long – $22.95
  • EX Series $29.95 (Unless you want to further improve looks this isn’t a must have)

Overall Thoughts


  • Custom options are fantastic to get a product to suit you – Change Battery colors, size, manual/auto, PCC color
  • Battery life is good. This is backed up by the PCC that allows all day vaping away from power source.
  • Quality batteries.
  • PCC looks and feels great.
  • Replacement battery prices competitive.

The Not So Good

  • Nothing really. If I had to pick something then maybe the amount of options may be confusing to those new to electronic cigarettes.

What is the Vapor and Flavor Like?

v2-cigs-red-congressThe checkout selection lets you choose from 12 flavors which include three tobacco and one menthol.

I went for the V2 Red, Congress and Green Tea flavors, yeah the latter is a little on the random side but I’m all for trying new things! I also added Peppermint to the order but this was at an extra cost.

You will also be able to choose from zero nicotine, 0.6%, 1.2%, 1.8% and 2.4% nicotine strength.


Batch testing

Before going on to the flavors I just want to bring up the batch testing you can do with V2. Each product with e-liquid in comes with an expiry date and batch number on the side of the box.

Enter this code on the batch testing page and you will be emailed a report telling you what exactly is in the e-liquid you are vaping. This alone puts V2 Cigs ahead of all their competition. It’s an interesting read as well!V2 Cigs Batch Testing

Back to the Flavors

Now first the flavors, the V2 Red tobacco flavor tastes great, it has just the right amount of throat hit and the tobacco flavor is familiar. The Congress was has a robust tobacco flavor which, for my taste buds, is a little on the bold side. v2 cigs cartomizers

The Green Tea, well… This really took me by surprise, I wasn’t sure how this would translate over but as it happens it did so very well. It has that subtle green tea flavor but it is almost like a palette cleanser for me when I have had enough of tobacco flavors passing my lips.

Vapor and throat hit

The vapor is something else that V2 does well, there is tons of it with this V2 Red cart, not so much with the Green Tea but still impressive. Both gave a nice smooth vape that still let you know you were inhaling something with a touch of a throat hit. This was with the 0.6% nicotine strength. If you go higher the throat kick will be more prominent.

Further options

Also available as an add on is the ‘Blank Cartridges’. These are empty, allowing you to fill with bottled e-liquid. Each cartomizer can be filled anything from 5 times+. It’s dependent on when the flavor starts to go down hill. This option can really offer a great chance to save more money. E-liquid bottles are far cheaper than buying pre-filled disposable cartomizers.cartomizer-refill-for-v2cigs

V2 Cigs have very recently introduced their new cartomizers the EX cartridges. These are touted as giving 100% more puffs than the standard cartridges with 0% leakage. Unlike standard cartridges they do not have cotton filler to soak the e-liquid. Instead they work similar to a tank/clearomizer. They are also the first cartridge I have seen that have a window on the side to keep track of remaining e-liquid. A serious improvement overall and they work very well.

The EX cartridges and batteries can be added as an upgrade at checkout as part of the kit, I would definitely recommend if budget allows giving these a try. They also come with a bigger PCC to fit everything in.

The Cartomizer Pricing

  • Standard cartomizer refills – $9.95 per pack of 5
  • Buy 4 packs – $34.95 (Works out at $8.73 per pack of 5)
  • V2 Blank Cartridges – $7.95 for pack of 5
  • EX Series pre filled cartomizers – $14.95 for pack of 5
  • EX blank mini tank – $14.95 for pack of 3

Bottled E-Liquid

  • 25ml – $16.95
  • 50ml – $29.95

There really are so many options, a way of vaping for most e cig users.

Overall Thoughts


  • Batch testing – Find out what is in the actual e-liquid you are vaping.
  • Red Tobacco and Green Tea Flavors I tried were very good
  • Vapor volume excellent
  • Prices for refills very good
  • The options that you can add on are excellent.
  • Can buy blank cartomizers and refill with your own e-liquid

Not So Good

  • Again, there really isn’t anything that I can think of.

Returns and Warranty

V2 Cigs offer a full money back guarantee within 30 days of receipt. Another e cig company with confidence in their product. They also have a limited lifetime warranty, full details can be seen on the website.

Customer Service

There are numerous ways to contact V2. Toll free phone number 1-877-37-VAPOR (1-877-378-2767). Call back, live chat, Twitter and Facebook. Support is also available in Spanish.

V2 Cigs Coupon Codes

We have a V2 Cigs coupon code for readers of Ecigclick.com! See the end of this post for the voucher.

My Final V2 Cigs Review Verdict

Well, I can see what all the V2 Cigs review hype is about now. When you really dig into the V2 Cigs offering then it’s easy to see why it is so often rated as the best e cigarette available.

Here are the takeaway points


  • Customize the starter kit to your preferences including colors, nicotine strength, battery size/mode and flavors.
  • Manual batteries available
  • Portable Charging Case is the best I’ve tried
  • Red Tobacco was a great flavor and I was very impressed with Green Tea! Who’d a thought vaping green tea would be so good.
  • Vapor volume excellent
  • The option to buy blank cartridges so you can fill with bottled e-liquid. Big money saver in the long run.
  • Cartomizer prices are excellent
  • V2 E-Liquid is fully traceable. Can enter batch number online for details of the actual e-liquid you are using. Ingredients and all.
  • V2 own their own production facilities.

Not so good

  • I spent some time thinking of any ‘not so good points’ and there are two things. First is the sheer size of the choices and options V2 Cigs give vapers, could be overwhelming for new e cigarette users.

So there you have it. There are so many different options I could probably write whole pages on each different one. If you are new to e cigarettes though don’t let all these options put you off.

The only thing I would really suggest is to make sure you buy a kit with two batteries and if budget allows get the PCC as well so you can charge batteries on the go. Everything else you can add on as you go.

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